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The Afribike name originated in 1999 with a South-African based non-governmental organization (NGO) that, under the Afribike moniker, began providing free bikes and bike repairs to rural poor residents as a means of transportation to access jobs and other opportunities outside their local area.

Soon the program rapidly expanded from its base in South Africa to projects under the World Bank’s Rural Travel and Transport program. The program’s reach covered Guinea Conakry, Ghana, Senegal, Swaziland and Lesotho. In 2002 the successful effort evolved into a National Department of Transport program and became a thriving new project under the ‘Shova Kalula’ program of Government.

Although the immensely impactful Afribike – South Africa project soon phased down, through a partnership with one of the founding members of Afribike, Giving Spirit has been given exclusive US rights to the use of the Afribike name, which will serve as the permanent name of their semi-annual bike ride.

The goal of the partnership is to breathe new life into the Afribike name, while continuing the brand’s tradition of uplifting the people of South Africa. Through the semi-annual AFRIBIKE ride, Giving Spirit aims to raise awareness for their work while energizing the friendship between the local Detroit community and South Africa.

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